Oxford International Film Festival Opens

Full House at The Ultimate Picture Palace

Full House at The Ultimate Picture Palace

Oxford International Film Festival began yesterday at the Curzon Oxford with a screening of the psychological drama Hippopotamus.

The film, directed by Edward Palmer, tells the story of Ruby, who wakes from a bad dream to find herself in a real-life nightmare. Palmer then took part in a Q&A with the audience that stirred lively discussion amongst Oxford’s films fans.

Playing before the main feature was the student film Accidental, music video Stand Down, which stars Billy Bob Thornton and experimental film Nation Down. Accidental director Malibu Taetz appeared alongside Palmer in the post screening discussion.

The opening night festivities continued at The Ultimate Picture Palace where the house was packed for the session of Short Films, which included the film Time, and Again. The Time, and Again team - writer and star Helen Crevel, director Kel Webster and VFX supervisor Dom Stables took questions from the full house after the session had finished.

The festival will continue over the weekend at both the Curzon and The Ultimate Picture Palace and will include features, shorts and documentaries. Hollywood star Rosamund Pike will be in attendance on Sunday evening for the screening of the film The Human Voice, which plays as part of Shorts Session 2 at the Curzon.