Oxford International Film Festival

OXIFF is excited to announce ‘The City of Dreaming Spires’ third International Film festival.


The Oxford International film Festival’s third edition will take place over a three day weekend from 11th to the 13th of May at the celebrated Phoenix Picturehouse, which is situated at the heart of the beautiful and historic city of Oxford U.K.

"A huge thank you to the whole team at OXIFF for putting on such an outstanding event, with such wonderful shorts and features, and for making us feel so welcome." Oliver and Jake Cullen, Directors of Best UK Short winner The Attendant.

In its first two years all the films selected for OXIFF came through open submissions. This is a strict policy that the organisers will continue with for the third festival.

On Friday 5th May 2017 the Oxford International Film Festival, in partnership with Picturehouse, celebrated its second edition with an opening night of special guests at the ‘Comedy with a Twist’ event, as Timothy Spall’s psychological one man show homage to comedy greats STANLEY A MAN OF VARIETY lead the way, along with Paul Hendy’s multi award winning THE LAST LAUGH, which told a romantic tale of Tommy Cooper, Eric Morecombe and Bob Monkhouse sharing their final dressing room together, and the laugh out loud animation THE WRONG END OF THE STICK.

The boutique festival then kicked on over Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th, with premieres and filmmaker attendance galore, which included a ‘Music on Screen’ themed documentary programme, that featured eventual film of the festival ONE NOTE AT A TIME, ALFIE BOE- ON THE WHEELS OF A DREAM, A SYMPHONY OF HOPE, and a ‘Familiar Faces’ indie selection that showcased such stars as Oscar Isaac, Ben Whishaw, Stephen Dorf, Patrick Baladi, Donald Sumpter, Sarah Parish, Rob James Collier and Bradley Walsh.

The long weekend of great films was then further bolstered with award winning features such as CREEDMORIA starring Steff Dawson, WHY SEIGFRIED HAD TO DIE, WE’RE STILL TOGETHER, and ‘Raindance’ nominee FOR GRACE closing the festival on Sunday evening.

OXIFF is a sister festival to the highly successful Manchester Film Festival, and OXIFF and MANIFF’s logistical director Neil Jeram-Croft said - “OXIFF is designed to be an intimate and eloquent filmmaker festival where film enthusiasts can get first hand insights from directors, writers, actors and producers from the premiering films, a style which blends well with the beautiful city of Oxford”. This was certainly evident in 2017 and following another successful festival closing awards event in 2017 it now looks like OXIFF is going from strength to strength into 2018.

"Brilliantly organised and curated with great films, lovely people, and an amazing buzz around the place. And the Picturehouse cinema really made us feel at home. It was a great platform for our film as there had been a lot of hard work put into getting audiences in and press coverage before and during the festival, which so many festivals don't seem to do after the initial scheduling etc. They really made it feel like you were part of a bigger thing, not just a screening and a chat and all the filmmakers mingled and have stayed in touch after the festival. Definitely worth the money!"  Matt Butler Director of Two Down

"A joy of a festival: good programming (the shorts in particular were top-notch), very present and engaged organizers, qualified industry judges, friendly atmosphere, good q+as, and ample opportunity to meet and hang out with fellow filmmakers, it's shocking that this festival was only in its first year. In time, as the festival returns to Oxford in subsequent years, its presence in the city will become more established in the city and turnout will expand. As it stands, this fest is 100% worth the entry fee. Try to get there in person, you won't regret it." Nicholas Gray Director of The Paper Store

"Great festival especially for its first year. The quality of the films was high and it was great that so many of the filmmakers were there. The organisers were very friendly and present at the festival. Overall - lots of wonderful people and films!" Miranda Howard Williams Director of Albert


Submission for Oxiff 2018 are open.

Submit on Withoutabox


Please submit early to save on our submission fees. Your online screener must be ready for viewing by the following dates to meet the respective deadline: 

  • 4th July 2017: Opening Deadline 
  • 8th August 2017: Earlybird Deadline 
  • 28th November 2017: Regular Deadline
  • 16th January 2018: Late Deadline
  • 28th February 2018: Extended Deadline 


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