Oxford International Film Festival

Session 9

SUNDAY 29TH AT 12:35pm

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Art Connect



Director – Miquel Galofre

Produced by - Charlotte Elias, Lorraine O Connor

Trinidad and Tobago

Runtime – 73 mins


ART CONNECT reveals and illuminates how creativity has inspired and changed the lives of 'at risk' kids, aged twelve to sixteen, living in the disenfranchised and volatile area of Laventille -- Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Go see this if you liked CHILDREN FULL OF LIFE


Muck Promo 1.jpg


Director - Sonya Quayle


Runtime – 15 mins

Billy is autistic and it’s the 1950s. To most people Billy is a child trapped in a man’s body. While Billy can help with manual jobs in and around his family’s farm, he requires regular attention. His father feels the time has come for Billy to move on. His mother is aghast and Billy grows anxious at the prospect of leaving home. As his father prepares Billy’s precious pig to go to market, a horrific incident forces Billy’s mother into a terrible life changing choice – husband or son.

My Luchador

Photo 1 SCREEN_GRAB_locker.jpg

Director - Shea Sizemore


Runtime – 12 mins

An aging Luchador (Wrestler) finds himself behind a computer working in a cube. His successful and loving wife helps him find his way.

Opt Out



Director - Steve Utaski


Runtime – 2 mins

Just another crazy day in front of the computer, at the office.