Oxford International Film Festival

Session 8

SUNDAY 29TH AT 10:15am

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Road to the Sky



Director – Yi Wang

Written by - Dedong Li

Produced by - Qin He, Lucas Oliver-Frost


(English subtitles)

Runtime – 99 mins

Starring - Johnny Kou Key (The Crossing), Bo-Chieh WangKey (Life of Pi), Xiaoxiao LiuKey (The Falling Feather)

In 1930’s China, an engineering student from Beijing, is sent by the Central Government to the rustic world of southwest China to obtain the cooperation of rival tribal villagers, in the building of a new supply road vital for the countries survival during the Chinese and Japanese conflict.

Go see this if you liked WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW

Every Morning

Every Morning still_10.png


Director - Ross Harrison


Runtime –  7 mins


A documentary collage about one man’s memories of the English countryside. Each day, Geoff Harris walks the same path around a patch of woodland in Oxfordshire. As he does, he reminisces about growing up in the place where he has lived for almost 80 years.