Oxford International Film Festival

Session 5

Saturday 28TH AT 5:10PM

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Made In Taiwan

MIT_Still (1).png

Directors – Jonny Moore, Leonora Lim-Moore

Written by – Jonny Moore, Leonora Lim- Moore

Produced by - David John, Sharina Lim, Leonora Lim-Moore, Jonny Moore
Runtime – 78 mins

Starring - Alexander Jeremy (Menagerie), Esther Yang (Forgotten), Mason Lee (The Hangover part II)

Experimental film maker, Jack, invents an exciting type of film, which induces a high in the viewer and becomes an underground phenomenon throughout Taipei. As his film becomes more and more popular, Jack fights obsessively to keep complete control of his product and the dangerous side effects that it is having on both himself and the film’s fans.

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Democracy In The Driver's Seat



Directed by – Gail Gilbert


Runtime – 8 mins

Strangers on a bus rally behind a fellow passenger as she urges the driver to catch up to a bus in front of them.


Out of the Village


Director - Jonathan Stein


Runtime – 16 mins

Shot in West Africa with a local cast and crew, OUT OF THE VILLAGE explores the social and cultural impact of the Ebola epidemic from the perspective of an orphaned brother and his sister. It stars Abraham Attah (Beasts of No Nation) and is Executive Produced by Bryan Singer (X-Men).


drowning V.jpg


Director - Daniel Schlichter


Runtime – 5 mins

Music Video


Student film